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"King Kong" won in overseas name Jinda crucible lead a new era of green industry


Crucible chemical composition of the essential elements of the instrument, melting, refining liquid and solid-liquid metal heated reaction vessel. As a basis for chemical reactions to ensure the smooth conduct of the crucible temperature resistance, corrosion resistance is undoubtedly the most elegant.

At present, the production of raw materials of the crucible can be divided into three sections. Bear the brunt, and that is a crystalline natural graphite. Because of its stable chemical properties and high conductivity, graphite crucible figure in forging, mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and other key industrial sectors everywhere. Second, the unique plasticity refractory clay crucible device is manufactured by choice, melting high purity and long service life make considerable economic benefits. With increasingly sophisticated forging technology, high-temperature synthetic materials began to be the crucible industries close friends.

No doubt, as the country's largest production and sales crucible equipment manufacturers, the city of Tianjin large crucible plant (hereinafter referred to as "Jinda Crucible") first to smell a market opportunity. Municipal level enterprises, AAA-credit enterprises, the contract and trustworthy enterprises, the trademark management advanced unit, which is the large crucible Tianjin since 1979 to create a powerful testimony of Plough; more than 30 countries, 60 production bases, 70 branches, 328 employees and 98 senior technicians man, this is a solid foundation for the production and sales Tianjin large crucible enduring; the latest international technology isostatic pressing method, ISO9000 international quality system of rigorous testing, quality first business philosophy of sincere cooperation this, it is the very best in a crucible Tianjin big source of market confidence.

More people in the right place

Relying on the rich mineral resources in North China, the momentum to support industrial policy, Jin large crucible writing the "magic" made brilliant brand.

Market-oriented, Tianjin large graphite crucible of existing products to increase the intensity of technical transformation, and strive to improve product quality, and further increase investment in research and development, focusing on development from the scale of production, batch size and breed restrictions melting material graphite crucible, applicability strong molten aluminum graphite crucible; to further enhance the purity of extracted material is smelted, developed a low-carbon green clay graphite crucible. With overall productivity advantages Tianjin large crucible, "spells" had to flee abroad. Today, more than 20 countries and the company has established long-term and stable cooperation, yearly export volume is occupied with the production company "half."

In Tianjin large crucible general manager Lv Zhongbo opinion, a graphite crucible and the thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance strong, and good thermal conductivity let the popular market. But the lack of industry standards, equipment quality varies greatly, Yiling crucible device overshadowed. Standing at a new normal economic backdrop, Tianjin large crucible as a leader in catering to the needs of users, expand the native market, improve the market mechanism should consciously through technological change, in order to promote industrial upgrading.

Manager Lv further said that the next few years, Tianjin large crucible will continue to expand production capacity, increase the technological content of products, improve product value and expand the market share, enhance research capacity, and always uphold the "beyond self, pilot future" corporate philosophy temper forward.

The future has to lead a new era of the crucible

With the "Beautiful China" is growing, industrial development is bound to set off a new round green storm. The growing space industry is also faced with more demanding environmental innovation. On the one hand, the stability and efficient production equipment precious; on the other hand, iron pollution under the green factor is essential. The Tianjin big crucible used in isostatic pressing process, it provided us with such a balanced way.

"Isostatic pressing, using a liquid medium incompressible nature of the pressure treated samples were full uniform compression, according to the principles of fluid, its pressure is the same size and pressure equalization, so, the powder material can be completed 'gorgeous turn' to form a dense body. "Manager Lv noted that because of the small powder and die wall friction, uniform distribution of body density, performance can be improved and the energy consumption in line with the new environmental standard.

Thus, isostatic silicon carbide crucible emerged. And many more ordinary crucible device different is that the high-end products as the base refractory materials, high-tech formula, giving life to five times as much clay graphite crucible. In addition, it combines large volume density, high oxidation resistance, acid corrosion of high-quality performance, while saving fuel will also enhance the efficiency of manual operation, has multiple purposes.

In the application of technology, Jin large crucible crucible create a new era equipment, and has repeatedly received impressive achievements, won the recognition of many national authorities. Including quality products Award, AAA-credit enterprises, production and sales of the first Habitat counterparts and other manufacturers. As a renowned equipment manufacturer, Tianjin large crucible provide users with better quality products to the occasion, but also shoulder social responsibility. Adhering to the "win-win, innovation," the corporate philosophy, we have reason to believe that large crucible Tianjin will be able to triumph on the road in front of the green industry.


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