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Rising temperatures optimize the production environment Jinda crucible plant to build the first brand


Qingming small holiday is over, the temperature has been around now gradually rising trend. According to the latest data released by the Chinese weather network, one of the gathering of environmental protection equipment company northern city - Langfang, Hebei Grand County after three days the temperature will exceed 20 ℃, and the next period of time will show an upward trend day by day. And this, for the County of Tianjin is located in the large crucible plant, it is a "happy Big Ben Pu" thing.

City of Tianjin large crucible plant (hereinafter referred to as "Jin large crucible plant") is the production of graphite crucible, silicon carbide crucible furnace crucible melting crucible, export crucible, corrosion-resistant acid crucible, professional aluminum crucible, back in the mouth of the crucible, pulling crucible, and other special-shaped graphite crucible of professional manufacturers, and the graphite crucible is the company's "high-quality" products.

Graphite crucible to today has been a growing number of industry needs, particularly in the foundry industry and metallurgical industries, they are almost all processes will be used in a graphite crucible. With the advent of summer, the temperature rising, "thermophilic" graphite crucible will also usher in the peak season demand.

Are known in the industry, by the temperature of the graphite crucible influence is very large, if the temperature is below standard, its type or thickness will have different degrees of deformation, as temperatures gradually rise, graphite crucible constantly optimize the production environment conditions, high-quality products will be emerging.

There is no doubt that the bad quality of products directly affect the product sales. In the crucible of production quality at the same time getting a good, relevant business advantage in the market will gradually prominent.

Tianjin large crucible plant to build China's first brand crucible

As early as five years ago, by a large large graphite crucible County Tianjin Limited presided over the drafting of standard graphite crucible, it is Sun Wei, director of National Steel Standardization Committee, China Refractory Industry Association executive vice president and secretary general Xudian Li, the Sichuan Institute of Materials Science and Technology Chemistry and chemical Engineering, materials Chen, vice president of more than thirty experts and scholars for the approval is expected to fill the graphite crucible no national standard blank.

Quality is the soul of an enterprise, and also enterprises in the market competition of comprehensive strength reflected. Tianjin plant large crucible graphite crucible in a crucible for the domestic industry to bring "good news" at the same time, the company also received pours praise.

Tianjin large crucible factory was founded in 1979, is a veteran of the corporate environmental sector. After 30 years of development, the company created the "King Kong" brand, has been well-known in the industry. Its magic card graphite crucible award for quality products, production and sales in the first domestic counterparts.

As the country's largest production and sales of the crucible manufacturer, Tianjin large crucible plant products are also sold overseas, to lay a solid foundation in foreign countries, and establish long-term cooperative relationship. Data show that more than 20 countries can be seen Jinda Crucible plant products, the export volume increased year after year, has reached 80% of plant production internationally.


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