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Faku Bohui special ceramics into a bright spot


September 21, by the China Ceramic Industry Association, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the Shenyang municipal government hosted the eleventh Shenyang Faku International Ceramics Fair opened. The exhibition theme is "Markets and Innovation", exhibition of nearly a thousand kinds of ceramic products, the new products are more than 200 species, of which the latest special ceramic a show highlight.
A total of four exhibition galleries, 55 exhibiting companies, exhibition area of ??500,000 square meters. Exhibitors include architectural ceramics exhibitions, artistic ceramics, ceramics for daily use products on sale, ceramic machinery and related products on sale. Reporters noted that in the past and display daily-use ceramics, art ceramics majority compared to the current exhibition on display a large number of new ceramic products of modern construction industry and industrial applications. Lexmark Liaoning Gaoke New Materials Co. booth, a foamed ceramic tiles corrosion attracted a lot of attention of participants, deputy general manager Ma Minglong introduction: "This looks like a brick bubble, in fact, ceramics, applied to the housing wall insulation corrosion, insulation board and ordinary compared to the cost considerably, but the life to more than double. "
In the law library ceramics industry in efforts to achieve "scale", but also in-depth implementation of the "brand" and "porcelain culture" and "internationalization" strategy. "At present, the cumulative carry out new green building materials, brick breathing, precision casting ceramic pouring cup, precision casting and other types of research projects replace Heini Guangdong ceramic foam filter material and property of more than 20, to apply the relevant key technology patents 78 the foamed ceramic tiles preservative is in the law library research and production. "Faku County officials said.
Currently, the law library ceramics industry annual output value of 60 billion yuan, bringing together nearly 100 well-known companies, settled law library ceramics merchant market amounted to more than 1000, sales revenue exceeded 22 billion yuan, initially formed a "buy the country, selling the country "development pattern. Next, the law library will also strive to adapt to the market, to build a collection of building ceramics, daily-use ceramics, art ceramics, industrial ceramics, special ceramics, new building materials and other industries in one, set research and development, marketing, exhibition exchange, logistics, distribution and other functions in national cyclic economy demonstration zone of a zone in Northeast Asia, modern building materials and industrial base.
In addition to "Faku made" special ceramic products, at the scene, ceramic circuit boards, high precision ceramic balls and other domestic new ceramic products concern. "Ceramic circuit boards have good temperature cycling stability and good thermal conductivity can be widely used in high-power integrated modules, power electronics power module, high-power high-frequency switching power supply, automotive electronic components, etc., which will be available to other substitute material board. "Insiders said. Manufacturers representative explain to visitors the special ceramic features.


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