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Elimination of quartz ceramic roller for glass surface impacts of response measures


For quartz ceramic roller quality problems exist, after consulting the relevant experts and manufacturers, we have taken the following measures:

1, to pass into the furnace SO2 gas

SO2 gas is introduced into the furnace to help protect the surface condition of the glass and the roller, but the need for strict control of the amount of SO2, SO2 if too much is added, the roller surface is easy to generate sodium sulfate agglomerate the glass surface to form a small pits transparent quality problems; and SO2 gas is too small, the roller surface in a short time can not form a protective film can not be produced after the general store heating 1 ~ 2h, by using waste glass dressing roller surface friction can be reduced glass scratch, meet the production requirements of ordinary glass.

2, adjusting the process parameters

First, due to lower furnace temperatures. Since the increase in the heating time tempering process must ensure that Wang glass is heated to a temperature so this adjustment can only be carried out under the premise of the process to meet the steel, non-substantial adjustments.

The second is to lower the glass line speed in the furnace. The glass is heated during reciprocation kept, often in the acceleration, deceleration, linear velocity can be reduced to reduce the acceleration of the glass, to reduce friction with the glass due to inertia slippage between rollers, thereby reducing glass surface scratches. However, the line speed can not be reduced too much, so as not to deform the glass and the flatness of the glass.

Here are a few suggestions:

(1) Since the horizontal tempering furnace each cooling after warming phenomenon will damage the surface of the glass, the glass must be re-friction roller, a waste of manpower, material resources, but also reduce the production efficiency, it recommended to maintain continuous production, reduce shutdown operating.

(2) in the production process, due to continuous Walter lot of SO2 gas, the roller surface is easy to generate sodium sulfate agglomerate, when finding a transparent glass surface pits traces of cleaning roller should be shutdown.

(3) Due to the uneven surface pattern glass on the roller surface has some damage, it is recommended not to try to steel embossed glass must be tempered if the time, you must use the glass after trimming steel re-roller friction.

(4) each cleaning roller midnight, while the bearing surface to be cleaned and the oil bearing surface to ensure that all the rollers in the same plane, reducing the positional deviation between rollers.


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