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Sinoma fused silica Division held the 2012 annual awards ceremony concluded


Mei Xiang sent winter, spring and New Year. January 24, 2013 afternoon, Sinoma quartz ceramics industry department 2012 annual summary awards ceremony was held at the Science Park restaurant. Quartz ceramics industry department staff attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Assistant General Manager of Dong Ning quartz ceramics division. Content from: CLP IZAN Network
Lu Feng, director of the production of quartz ceramics division conveyed Materials Group Sinoma in 2012 and the work of the spirit of the report, detailing the company's achievements in 2012 and 2013 the company's assessment indicators my division. Source:
Zhao Yueming, general manager of quartz ceramics division of the 2012 Division summarized for 2013 made arrangements. Report on the 2012 product quality control, cost control aspects of the production, research and innovation, energy saving measures, safety in production, market sales, project construction, cultural construction division, team building, internal control and other results achieved and problems in a comprehensive summary and analysis of the cause of all employees in the past year's achievements fully affirmed, while the 2013 objectives and tasks carried out specific arrangements.
CLP IZAN Network
It emerged in the work of the General Assembly out of dedication, hard work and pragmatic, remarkable achievements individually and collectively were commended. Recognition of the winners in advance is fully affirmed the work of the past year to pay, the saying goes, "No pain, no gain." They in their respective positions on heavy responsibilities, pragmatic spirit, dedication, demonstrating quartz staff down to earth, positive spirit. CLP IZAN Network
Finally, Zhao total quality control departments, respectively, the Ministry of Finance, equipment, sales, manufacturing Ministry signed a 2013 target letters of responsibility, work refinement, responsibility to the people, to ensure that the 2013 target can all work smoothly carry out.
Summary awards ceremony in the warm applause ended successfully. The awards ceremony was held further inspired me Division staff enthusiasm for work, hope all the staff at their posts progressive and pragmatic, down to earth trying to do a good job, to complete the tasks and objectives throughout the year and work hard! To tomorrow's development and expansion of the company contribution to a force!


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