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Graphite crucible is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical and other industries


Because graphite has excellent properties, therefore, the graphite crucible in the metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, defense and other industrial sectors has been widely applied, main uses: a refractory graphite in the metallurgical industry used to make graphite crucible 25% or more, as the ingot steel industry in protecting agent, MgO-C, metallurgical furnace lining, etc., the total amount of about graphite. II. The conductive material in the electrical industry, graphite can be widely used as electrodes, brushes, carbon rod, carbon tube, pipe pad, washers and tube coating and so on. In addition, graphite can also be used as low-temperature superconducting materials, high-power battery electrodes. In the electrical industry, graphite challenges faced man-made stone, artificial graphite as harmful impurities can be controlled, and high purity, low prices. Nevertheless, because of the rapid development of electrical industry, as well as natural stone flake in good nature, natural graphite and natural consumption is increasing year by year. III. Lubricating materials and graphite wear-resistant materials in the machinery industry, is often used as a lubricant (wire drawing, trombone). Lubricants often do not work at a high speed, high temperature, high pressure, and graphite wear-resistant material can be used in -200 to 2000 degrees Celsius and a low freezing high-speed slide (100m / s) lower. Many transport pitted media devices widely used material made of graphite piston rings, seals and bearings, no additional lubricant when they are running. Graphite has a series of excellent offerings, the following main points: a high temperature graphite is the world's best known high-temperature non-metallic materials, the maximum temperature up to 3800 degrees Celsius, with minimal loss of graphite. The variety of materials burn at 7000 degrees Celsius 10S loss of 0.8% graphite, silicon carbide loss of 1.7%, high alumina corundum loss of 8.2%, and most refractory metal vapor a zirconia loss of 12.9%. The data can be seen, high temperature performance of graphite is very prominent. II. Plasticity of graphite has good plasticity, you can dish into a translucent sheet. Three coefficient of friction lubricity of graphite is smaller than 0.1, the larger the scale, the smaller the friction coefficient, the better the lubricity. IV. Conductivity and electrical conductivity of graphite thermal conductivity although it can not match with copper, aluminum and other metals, but compared with the general material, the conductivity is very high, such as four times higher than stainless steel, carbon steel than twice as high . However, the thermal conductivity of graphite and metal in general is different from graphite as the temperature increases, thermal conductivity decreases at high temperature, graphite tends to be insulated, therefore, in the ultra-high temperature, insulation is graphite very reliable. V. graphite chemical stability at room temperature conditions, with good chemical stability, corrosion, acid and organic solvents. However, poor oxidation resistance of graphite, 450C begins to oxidize, and thus their graphite products should not be used in an oxidizing atmosphere. VI. Special thermal expansion coefficient of thermal shock resistance of graphite is small, resistant to cold and heat changes. When sudden temperature changes, will not crack.



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