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Colored glass crucible melting process


With the continuous development of glass technology, coupled with the demand for some products than light, so increasing customer demand for colored glass bottles. Then colored glass bottle is how to make out of it?
Currently on the market for many companies by spraying glass production, coloring and other processing, and the most effective method is to use a crucible melting firing process.
This process is the use in different crucibles, depending on the allocation of raw material demand color, stir into the crucible, and then heated to melt. In nearly 20 hours later, with the spices stick wrapped feed solution, according to the size of the materials used bottles after many artificial crop, into semi-automatic bottle machine, bottle production carried out. After the second annealing, you can test packaging, storage crates up.
This process is based on the requirements of the color directly with the raw material, to produce glass bottles are colorful, spraying coloring process is not replaced, the difference is the color of each glass product must be the same color, can not simultaneously with two kinds color, there are a lot of glass handicraft production, taken out from different crucible of different colors and put together by heating the liquid feed solution to burn, made into a variety of decorations.
There are many bottles to customer requirements are also available in several colors, especially in some high-end cosmetics, perfume bottles, etc. also need to set off the color transition product qualities, and this in turn requires a non-none other than spraying. So burning crucible melting process only applies to a small number of bottles to customer requirements, and a lot of olive oil bottles, glass bottles and tea brown dark green wine bottle demand of users must be replaced by a large kiln production process to meet.


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