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Ai Niti portable power microscope quartz crucible site testing


Crucible is an important part of chemical equipment currently crucible more common iron crucible, ceramic crucible, a quartz crucible, especially a quartz crucible, high purity, temperature resistance, high large size precision, good insulation, energy saving, quality stability, etc., more and more widely. Quartz crucible testing work is a very important part, but the quartz crucible toward the detection field detection direction!
Detection of domestic traditional quartz crucible, relatively large-scale applications are generally microscope and other detection equipment, mainly in the laboratory quartz crucible for testing. Laboratory tests on the product quality of the quartz crucible has made a significant contribution, however, laboratory testing because the product is more bulky, inconvenient to carry, it is difficult to carry out on-site detection of the quartz crucible, and the price is more expensive, and therefore many of the quartz crucible popularity of these plants and no laboratory testing equipment.
Ai Niti portable power microscope quartz crucible site testing
For quartz crucible manufacturers faced anguish, 3R Group launched Ai Niti (Anyty) portable digital microscope, small and portable products, much cheaper than laboratory testing equipment, the quartz crucible can be detected at any time, you can also take pictures, video the quartz crucible and other test results recorded in real time, to make up for the lack of good quartz crucible laboratory detection. For example, in the use of Ai Niti (Anyty) portable microscope translucent quartz crucible, as long as the microscope into the side of a transparent quartz crucible rotation override knob to clear state can well observed at different levels inside the quartz crucible bubble state.
Products Recommended:
(A) quartz crucible site Inspection Microscope 3R-MSV500
Ai Niti (Anyty) Portable Digital Microscope 3R-MSV500 is 3R launched a stunning multi-functional portable video microscopes. Which microscope equipped with 5 million pixel high-definition camera, color CMOS sensor, 3.5-inch LCD screen, support 10-200 times magnification, 1800mAH high-performance lithium battery, truly anywhere-site testing. Quartz crucible during field testing, as long as the microscope into the quartz crucible surface, gently rotate multiple adjustment knob, by adjusting the different multiples can be observed at different levels of the bubble shape can also be detected in a timely manner the results photographed using convenience, has become an indispensable testing tool for industrial inspection.
Ai Niti portable power microscope quartz crucible site testing
Microscope 3R-MSV500 performed using a quartz crucible site testing
(Ii) a wireless WIFI connection Inspection Microscope 3R-WM401WIFI
In 3014, 3R Group successfully developed a wireless WIFI can connect digital microscope 3R-WM401WIFI, this is an exciting dual-use handheld digital microscope, it can be used as a wireless WiFi microscope, the microscope can also be used as wired USB. Quartz crucible manufacturers with which microscope field tests, as long as smartphone or tablet with a microscope released WIFI connected, open viewing software, you can easily see the effect of the quartz crucible microscopic observation; directly from your phone or tablet be shooting test results storage, via WIFI can be quickly transferred to the laboratory, greatly improving efficiency.


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