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Fused silica ceramic industry applications at home and abroad


Fused silica ceramics

1. is a kind of fused silica as raw material, fused silica ceramic material made of the production process.

The production process is as follows: a slurry - casting molding - rough drying - firing - cutting grinding - finished.

Related product applications: float glass furnace in the brick gate, runner cover; polycrystalline silicon ingot production in the square crucible; molten steel continuous casting nozzle; other high-temperature corrosion-resistant applications.

Many good properties of fused silica ceramics in the early sixties was first developed by the United States and in l963年投入批量生产, it not only has a quartz glass, such as thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, good electrical insulation, chemical resistance good, but also has a number of quartz glass products lacked character. Such as quartz glass products due to the good thermal conductivity, when used in the event of devitrification (crystallization) that is damaged scrapped, while quartz ceramics since the thermal conductivity of the poor, even in the course of surface crystallization occurs, which is also inside the crystallization slow. Products can continue to use. Quartz ceramic one of the biggest advantages is below l1O0 ℃, its strength with increasing temperature is greatly increased - from room temperature to 1100C, its strength can be increased 33. Because of its many excellent dd above nature, since its inception, quickly in Japan, the former Soviet Union, France and other industrialized countries has been the promotion and application of its field of application is also related to the spacecraft, rockets, missiles, radar, atomic energy, electronics, steel, coke, non-ferrous metals, glass and other industrial fields.

2. The domestic and international situation and the level of contrast

Currently, foreign production fused silica ceramic products manufacturers mainly the United States, France, Japan and Russia several companies. Domestic and foreign technology can compete manufacturers in Fujian Anxi Masterton Ceramics Co., Ltd. Its products mainly horizontal glass tempering furnace quartz ceramic roller, float glass brick kiln gates, float glass annealing furnace with a hollow roller, steel mouth water, metal strip heat treatment furnace hollow roller, glass and metallurgical furnace mouth water, punch, crucibles, furnace, Section sulfur, uniform branch tube, a stirring rod, spout, rotating tube, coke oven door and rise pipe-lining and insulation plug, microwave screen, arc chute, efficient batch furnace heat insulation, laser reflectors and other optical components, quartz light source reflected and absorbed parts. In addition, missiles, rockets, radar and other aspects also have a small application. Among them, the level of steel furnace glass porcelain roll, float glass brick kiln gates, steel mouth water, glass and metallurgical furnace with crucible furnace, a punch products has formed a large-scale industrial production capacity, its products have been worldwide sales, and some products are sold in our country. Metal strip heat treatment furnace and sediment hollow roller method with hollow glass annealing rolls are substituted resistant steel roller, roller graphite and ceramic coating roll in recent years the development of successful new products. About promoting technological progress has played a positive role.

3. fused silica crucible as a new kind of special ceramics, fused silica ceramic is a widely used in solar photovoltaic industry, polysilicon ingot segment, due to the current polysilicon ingot substantially square, so the melting quartz crucible is also known as quartz Party crucible. Currently on the market mainstream products G5 series: 883mm × 883mm × 420mm / 480mm, G6 series: 1040mm × 1040mm × 500mm, with the rapid development of the industry, G6 square quartz crucible gradually become the mainstream market demand for polysilicon ingot.

Trends shape on the side of the quartz crucible is: large, thin wall, it presents all aspects of production of more high process requirements, the production side of the passing rate of the quartz crucible G6, the next stage will be used to measure each an important basis for large square quartz crucible production enterprise technology research and development capabilities. The current mainstream parties quartz crucible production process are: double-sided suction slurry method, single grout method, casting coagulation.

Polysilicon ingots quartz crucible (a quartz crucible side) of the production process of firing link imposes stringent technical requirements, particularly for fused silica crucible quasi single crystal ingot used.

Development Trend of polysilicon ingots quartz crucible morphology are: large (G6 quartz square crucible specifications reach 1040mm × 1040mm × 500mm), thin-walled (16mm-20mm), the cooling process initially requires rapid cooling crystallization process (fused silica Claim). Quasi single crystal ingots of fused quartz crucibles products also a higher overall performance, such as better strength and thermal conductivity, lower porosity and thermal expansion coefficient, a more uniform density distribution and so on. In this regard, the industry kilns supplier ASBKILNS in October 2011 launched the latest "complex pulse combustion control technology" and "Quick Cooling System", and apply them to the quartz crucible furnace square (square quartz crucible shuttle kiln, quartz Party crucible tunnel kiln) device, enabling large thin-walled quartz crucible party products in the heating and heat process of obtaining a more uniform thermal field and rapid cooling rate, greatly improve the passing rate of firing quartz crucible side.


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