Company Profile

Wuxi Shunyang New Energy Technology Limited Liability Company is professional in research, design and manufacturing of solar  energy polysilicon ingot furnace used fused silica crucible, new type fused  silica products and special ceramics. Our company was founded in 2011. It is  located in Changjing Town of Jiangyin in Jiangsu. And it was listed in three  new board in January, 2016(stock code: 835323). We have 2 production bases, 10  patents. Each year we provide 40000 fused silica crucibles.

Main product is fused silica ceramic  crucible. It is a kind of special ceramic product developed through ceramic  production technique by taking fused silica ceramic as raw material. And it has  properties of low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent heat stability,  fine electric insulation and fine chemical corrosion resistance. It is used as container  of polycrystalline silicon material in polysilicon of solar energy  manufacturing under condition of 1600℃. Its working condition is harsh, with high requirement  on technical performance and product reliability. It is irreplaceable consumable  material in manufacturing of polycrystalline silicon ingot casting.

Shunyang Technology is excellent manufacturer  of polysilicon of solar energy. There is advanced technology, high-automatic  equipment and strict management. Meanwhile we have professional technical staffs  with years of experience. We can serve customers with common quartz crucible,  high-purity quartz crucible, high-purity and high-efficiency quartz crucible.

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